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ED SHEERAN – All information about the on sale for the shows 2019

Dear Ed Sheeran fans, The news that the British superstar is playing two more open airs in Germany
in the summer of 2019 has certainly won you over. Since we expect an extremely high demand for
the on sale start on Thursday, September 27th from 11 o'clock and the tickets will be personalized,
here we have put together the most important information and a few tips for on sale.

The shows

The following two open air shows will be on Ed Sheeran's schedule in 2019:

23.06.2019 Hockenheim Hockenheimring
02.08.2019 Hannover Messegelände

On Sale

The on sale for Ed Sheeran starts on Thursday, 27.09.2018 at 11 o’clock on



PK1 (GA): 89,82 €
PK2 (seated): 100,82 €
PK3 (seated): 89,82 €
PK4 (seated): 78,82 €


PK1 (GA): 99,82 €

Maximum order

In order to give as many genuine Ed Sheeran fans the opportunity to buy the tickets at the original
price, the promoter has set a maximum order quantity per customer. Each customer may purchase
four (4) tickets per show. In addition, the number of tickets per order is limited to four (4) to avoid
black market trading. If the number of tickets ordered by a customer exceeds four (4) per show, we
reserve the right to cancel any orders in excess of this limit on behalf of the event organizer.


In order to stop to the secondary ticketing market, absurd prices and fan rip-offs, the tickets are sold
personalized, which means that the name of the ticket purchaser is printed on the tickets. At the
time of admission, at least the surname printed on the ticket must correspond with the ID document
to be presented, the second (and possibly third and fourth) person only receives access at the same
time as the person issuing the identity card. Upon request, proof of booking must also be provided.
That means: When buying tickets, each of your tickets will be personalized with your name. At the
entrance to the show, your (maximum of three) accompaniments will only gain admission with you.

The promoter reserves the right to check IDs for verification at the entrance to the venues. Please
bring a valid ID document and get into the venue together with your friends and family you bought
the tickets with.

Where do I buy official tickets?

You can only buy the official tickets online via Incidentally, here you get the tickets as a
Fanticket original tour design.

What if we want to go to a concert with a larger group / family?

If your group exceeds 4 people, a second person in the group also needs to purchase tickets.

What if I want to give the tickets away as present?

At the entrance it will be checked if the surname on the ticket matches your ID. So if parents or
siblings make the purchase and you have the same surname, you will gain admission with this ticket.

youth protection

Children / adolescents from 6 to 15 years of age may only go to the concert accompanied by a person
who is authorized or responsible for education. The sale of tickets to children under six (6) years is
excluded. Children under the age of six (6) will not be admitted to the event, even when
accompanied by a person entitled to custody or education.

Means: Children under six years are not allowed to go to the shows at all, children over the age of six
are only allowed to go to the show when accompanied by an adult. You have to be at least 16 years
old to go alone to the concert.

What if I bought a ticket but am prevented on the show day?

On the official resale platform you can offer your tickets for sale under certain

We expect high demand

Due to the combination of (too) high demand and the ticket reservation time (ie the time for which
the tickets are reserved, after you put them in your shopping cart), there is a lot of movement in our
shop, as there are always tickets from expired Reservations run back to the system. If the traffic is
too high - that is, too many customers access the existing ticket volume - our waiting room will
automatically be activated to control the enormous rush.

Our tips:

- Even if temporarily no more tickets should be available, it is worth it to stay, because again and
again tickets come from expired reservations.

- DO NOT open multiple browser tabs or windows and no different browser types at the same time,
as the different sessions increase the risk of losing the tickets in your shopping cart.


We hope you can get hold of your tickets for Ed Sheeran. Fingers crossed!
Please contact if you have further questions.


Should there be more news or information about the on sale, we will update this article accordingly.