In the run up to putting a tour on sale we often get asked lots of questions relating to the shows and ticket sales.  We’ve put together this handy guide to help you navigate your way through the process. We are working really hard behind the scenes to try and do everything we can to make sure that tickets end up in the hands of genuine fans.

How much are the ‘’face value’’ tickets?

GA STANDING: 199 RON / SEATS: 399 RON, 299 RON plus 15 RON delivery fee per order, or 3 RON pick up fee per order in Eventim Shop

What is secondary ticketing and ticket resale?

Secondary ticketing is when people buy tickets at face value and then re-sell them at inflated prices via non-artist approved methods and websites, thus denying real fans the chance to buy at face value.


In order to put a stop to the secondary ticketing market, absurd prices and fan rip-offs, the tickets are sold personalized, which means that the name of the ticket purchaser is printed on the tickets. At the time of admission, at least the surname printed on the ticket must correspond with the identity document to be presented, the second (and possibly third and fourth) person only receives access at the same time as the person issuing the identity card. Upon request, proof of booking must also be provided.

That means: When buying tickets, each of your tickets will be personalized with your name. At the entrance to the show, your (maximum of three) accompaniments will only be shared with you.

The promoter reserves the right to check IDs for verification at the entrance to the venues. Please bring a valid ID document and get into the venue together with your friends and family you bought the tickets with.

So where should I buy my ‘’face value’’ tickets from?

the ticket sales will start on 27th September / 12.00 exclusively at www.eventim.ro

Only at www.eventim.ro (and the other eventim pages all over europe) you get original tickets for the show

How many tickets can I buy?

There is a limit of four per order/transaction/customer

The commercial resale of tickets, as well as private resale at inflated prices of tickets is prohibited!

The organizer or Eventim is entitled to cancel an order of the customer, if the buyer violates the specific conditions set by the organizer, which were pointed out in the at onsale, or is trying to get around (eg violation against restriction of the ticket quantity per customer, offense against the conditions of the documents, in particular against prohibition of resale, attempted by-pass through registration and use of multiple user profiles, etc.).

How can I pay?

Payment Methods … https://www.eventim.ro/en/payment_methods/

But we want to go as a bigger group/family?

You will have to try to complete another order with another customer name, another credit card or the other payment possibilities at www.eventim.ro

Can I buy tickets as a gift?

The tickets are sold in a personalized way, which means that the name of the ticket purchaser is printed on the tickets. The name will be recorded during the order process and must match the ID shown. for any queries contact: contact@eventim.ro

What are the entry requirements?

To gain access to the concert you are required to bring your tickets, booking confirmation plus a valid form of photo ID.

What are the age restrictions?

All venue age restrictions are clearly displayed at the sales pages on the ticket agent websites.

No access under six years. Tickets are personalized. Check access rules at the the Eventim website.

Are cameras allowed?

Professional cameras, video and recording equipment are strictly forbidden. Personal use cameras and smart-phone cameras are fine.

I can’t go any more and need to sell on my ticket. What do I do?

Pls contact: contact@eventim.ro

When will we receive our tickets?

There are no E-tickets, there are no ‘’print-at-home’’ tickets. There will be physical printed tickets send out after the payment process.

How early should we turn up?

Please arrive on time, anticipated door open will be 16.00. There may be delays due to traffic and entrance control.

I bought tickets off an unauthorised secondary ticket re-sale website and have been refused entry. What can I do to get my money back?

We will give you an official refusal of entry letter. You can try to get a refund from your ticket seller. For this go back to the secondary ticket site you have used.

How do I arrange to buy tickets for someone requiring disabled access?

• Disabled children and their attendant will be granted free tickets to the Show subject to availability; 

• Adults with serious or pronounced disability and their attendant have free access as follows:

- Persons with serious disability (level 1) and their attendants have free access subject to availability;

- Persons with pronounced disability (level 2) have free access subject to availability.

Handicapped Tickets are available at contact@eventim.ro or phone no. +40 1951

Any queries?

People who have any queries - please contact contact@eventim.ro for further help.