In the run up to putting a tour on sale we get asked lots of questions relating to the shows and ticket sales.  We’ve put together this handy guide to help you navigate your way through the process. We are working hard to do everything we can to make sure that tickets only end up in the hands of genuine fans.


How can I buy Tickets?

The Promoters of Ed Sheeran are committed to combating unethical secondary ticketing and resale.

For the German dates of the 2022 tour we will be operating a new mobile digital ticket called Ticketcorner.Pass.

In preparation for on sale, we recommend that you register an account on ticketcorner.ch

Your ticket will only be accessible on your mobile/smartphone via the Ticketcorner App. Once you have purchased your tickets, you will receive an order confirmation email as proof of purchase. This is NOT your ticket.

More information about the Ticketcorner.Pass can be found below.

Upon arrival at the show, you will then be required to present your mobile smart phone device containing your ticket(s) and you’ll scan yourself and your party into the venue.

Where do I buy the tickets? 

The tickets are only available online at www.ticketcorner.ch in the Ticketcorner App.

When will they go on sale?

On Saturday, September 25 at 11 am.

How much are the tickets?

The tickets cost CHF 110 (standing) and CHF 140 (seated).

What are the age restrictions?

Under 16 year old must be accompanied by an adult. Children younger than 6 will not be admitted to the concert.

What is Ticketcorner.Pass?

With Ticketcorner.Pass, you can access your personalised via the Ticketcorner App. The tickets are sent exclusively via the Ticketcorner App. For admission on site, you also conveniently use the Ticketcorner App. There will be no additional e-mail or postal dispatch.

How does the purchase process work at Ticketcorner.Pass?

The purchase process in our webshop is exactly the same as you know it from the other ticket types. The difference to "conventional" tickets is that you will not receive your Ticketcorner.Pass tickets by post or e-mail, but they will be made available to you via the Ticketcorner App. You can find more information on how Ticketcorner.Pass works here https://www.ticketcorner.ch/campaign/pass 

When will I receive my ticket and when can I retrieve my ticket?

You will receive your booked tickets after the contract has been concluded.

Please note: For the Ed Sheeran presale, ticket delivery via the Ticketcorner App is delayed due to a security check to combat the ticket black market. Tickets will not be delivered until a time much closer to the shows.

How can I access my Ticketcorner.Pass tickets?

Ticketcorner.Pass tickets can only be accessed within the Ticketcorner App. After purchasing your tickets, please download the Ticketcorner App if you have not already installed it.

After logging in to the app with your Ticketcorner account, you will be able to view your order. Your tickets will be displayed with a time delay due to security-related processes. In any case, you can retrieve your tickets in good time before the event. You can find more information on how Ticketcorner.Pass works here:  https://www.ticketcorner.ch/campaign/pass 

What do I need to use Ticketcorner.Pass?

To use Ticketcorner.Pass, you need the latest version of the Ticketcorner App and a smartphone with at least iOS 12 or Android 5.0. You can download the app itself free of charge from the App Store or Google Play. Please update your Ticketcorner App regularly.

Can I buy a ticket if I don't have a smartphone?

A smartphone with a valid phone number is mandatory for retrieving the Ticketcorner.Pass.

What are the ticket purchase options for people with disabilities/wheelchair?

You have the option of booking your tickets through the Ticketcorner Callcenter: : +41 900 800 800 (CHF 1.19/Min). Please note that only tickets for people with disabilities and their accompanying persons can be booked via the call centre.

Are tickets personalised via Ticketcorner.Pass?

Yes, all tickets in your Ed Sheeran order will have the purchaser's name on them. Please make sure that the purchaser can prove their identity on site with a photo ID and the order confirmation.

How many tickets can I buy?

There will be a strict limit of 6 tickets per show date per ticket purchaser. This restriction is in place in order to give as many people as possible a fair chance to buy tickets.

PLEASE NOTE that any transactions that exceed the ticket limit, duplicate accounts or any action that indicates a suspicious purchase over the ticket limit will be cancelled.

I have bought tickets for several people: Do we all have to appear together at the entrance to the Ed Sheeran events?

Yes, a digital ticket entitles only one person at a time to enter the booked event. If a purchaser buys multiple digital tickets, these will only be stored on their mobile device and only his/her name is on the tickets. Upon entry to the event, the purchaser's mobile device must be passed on in the purchaser's presence in order to scan the respective authorisation code.

But we want to go as a bigger group/family?

You will have to try to complete another order with another mobile device.

Can I buy tickets as a gift? 

The matching ID of the surname of the lead booker will be an entry requirement, the other tickets bought by that person can be used for other people as long as they ALL arrive with the lead booker.  If you want to buy as gifts then you’ll also have to attend to get your recipients into the show.

What documents do I need to show at the entrance?

You need your smartphone with the Ticketcorner App installed and your Ticketcorner.Pass retrieved. To show the Ticketcorner.Pass admission code, you must be logged in with your EVENTIM account. The menu item "My Events" will take you to the overview of the tickets you have purchased. Please make sure that your smartphone is sufficiently charged. Please have your identity card ready for possible name checks by the admission staff.

What do I need to enter my mobile phone number for and how can I change it after purchasing tickets?

It is mandatory to provide your mobile phone number in the Ed Sheeran ticket purchase process, otherwise you will not be able to retrieve your tickets via Ticketcorner.Pass. In order to validate your tickets, we will send you a TAN to the mobile phone number provided shortly after the purchase.

Ticketcorner.Pass tickets can only be retrieved by the buyer. The mobile phone number you entered during the order process is decisive. You cannot change this number yourself. It is therefore important that you carefully check your mobile phone number entry during the ordering process.

My tickets are not in my Ticketcorner App, did the order still work?

If you can view your order in the "My Tickets" area and have received an order confirmation email, your order was successful. Due to security-related procedures, you will receive your Ed Sheeran tickets at a later date, but your admission authorisation is already on file with us. 

Can I resell my ticket?

Individual regulations apply to each event. You can resell your Ed Sheeran tickets via the Ticketcorner ticket resale platform fanSALE up to 24 hours before the event. You can resell your ticket for the face value price incl. fees. To do this, call up your tickets via the Ticketcorner App and start the sales process there.

Can I resell my ticket via other platforms?

No. The only approved platform for reselling Ed Sheeran tickets is fanSALE

What if I lose my mobile phone or change my number before the shows?

Please contact the customers services email of the ticket agent you booked through: sheeran-support@ticketcorner.ch

Are cameras allowed?

Professional cameras (deemed as cameras with removable lenses), video and recording equipment are strictly forbidden. Personal use cameras and smart-phone cameras are fine.

How early should we turn up?

Please check ticket agent websites for door opening times and do allow yourself plenty of time to get in before the start of the show.

I can’t get in with my tickets, it failed to scan and I’ve been turned away at the turnstile?

Don’t worry, we can try and help you. In the first instance head to the box office where someone will be able to help you work out what’s gone wrong. Remember DO NOT buy a ticket from someone you don’t know either in person on the street OR from an unauthorised secondary ticket website.

Further information to avoid getting ripped off with secondary ticketing: